So you may or may not have clicked through to the Mizone website from one of the ads currently running on the site but we have. In fact Spoke has uploaded a bunch of clips to the site, some from our files and some kindly donated by cinematographer Aaron Lutze. There’s a bunch up at the moment but we have a few gems lined up featuring Kelly McGarry, Greg Minnaar, Ben Boyko and a few other heavy hitters. It’s a pretty simple site to use and at the moment there’s not a tonne of MTB content up there. Plus if you vote for us we can win a share of $10,000 cash. Here at Spoke though, we are nice people and if you upload vids we will post links right here on Spoke and our Facebook pages, plus we’ll vote for you and encourage others to as well. So head over there now. Vote for us, start uploading your own vids, email us and we’ll let everyone know to vote for you. Simple.

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