Issue 42 of Spoke features a full review of the 2011 Lapierre Zesty 314. Right here you can check out the Lapierre Zesty 314 in action being ridden by Spoke reviewer and Training Wheels columnist Rod Bardsley on the Mt Victoria Super D course in Wellington, New Zealand. Read the full review in issue 42.

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  1. Rod, you never pedal that quick on our rides. And where is the half hour of you talking smackin the middle?
    Seriously though. Nice riding (for an old man).

    1. you know what Caleb is like. i had time to down a pie, drop 2 shots of red bull, and have a wee kip between each take, so i was fresh for each sprint….I do remember dribbling on about how awesome i was, Caleb must have edited that bit out. and hey, how come you so called riding buddies of mine didnt tell me my shorts had shiny arse cheeks???
      and seriously though. FUCK OFF. thanks to my alzheimers, my last birthday i remember having was my 29th.

      1. Nice vid Caleb and nice riding Rod. To answer your question: A) it’s difficult see someone’s arse when they’re behind you. B) If you were in front of us we wouldn’t be staring at your arse anyway.

    2. Albie…..don’t tell me you been sitting at home writing blogs brother….. get that little Blur Lt out on them wet trails.

  2. Damn, what happened to that golden weather the week of Super-D.. sweet riding, and nice edit Caleb. Don’t know what Lapierre are thinking suppling a 140mm bike with a QR though… whats all that about??

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