Issue 43 of Spoke features a full review of the new Yeti SB66. Right here you can check out the SB66 in action being ridden by Hadley Boyce on Bee Line at Wellington’s Wainui Trail Park, New Zealand. Read Mark Dangerfield’s full review in issue 43 out September.








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    1. Hi what size is the SB 66 in the review and video ? is it a small by any chance ? and also what is the riders height ? asking as i might be getting one and not sure what size i would go for thanks.

      1. Hi Steveo, I reviewed the bike but Hadley rode it in the vid. It was a medium.
        I’m 177cm, but I think Hadley is a little shorter than me. I was quite happy riding the medium with a 70mm stem, but think I could also ride a large reasonably comfortably too with a shorter stem.

        Yeti suggests a medium if you’re 171 -180cm and a large for 180 – 191cm.

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