Ex Bike magazine editor and SC marketing maestro Mike Ferrintino 20mins before a blog post
Regular Spoke contributor and issue 32 cover boy Leif Roy dropped in on Mike Ferrentino and Rob Roskopp at Santa Cruz Bikes on Friday and snapped a bunch of pics while nosing around the factory. He timed his visit perfectly as Santa Cruz was just beginning to assemble the first production Carbon 29er (the Tallboy).

Carbon 29er patiently waiting for its back end...

If I had checked my emails in the weekend we may well have been the first to post about it, but seeing Ferrentino is a blogging machine he had it posted up before Leif had even hopped in his car. You can read all about it over here on the very funny Santa Cruz blog.

Santa Cruz 29er built and ready for testing, dont expect to see one on the Bike Culture floor for a little while yet

Beautiful bikes on there way to... you!


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