Chris Beverland has the best 0ne-foot flattys in the business. Photo Mike Zombie
A solid crew of riders from around the wider Waikato, and just north of the Bombays, flocked to the Beverland Compound on the 5th of September to have a bit of a Welcome to Spring Jam. Riding was pretty chilled but three riders really shone. Obviously Chris Beverland had the place wired with some killer transfer lines peppered with flips and can-cans.

Adam Diggle, Clicked. Photo Mike Zombie

Lewis Jones was riding super solid, making sure he tricked every time he left the dirt – no handers, pendulums and cans all smeared with his signature style.
Representing for the 20” crew Alan aka Piggy from Auckland was holding it down with killer boost and was definitely the styliest of the bunch, hooking a few dumped 3’s for extra points.

Piggy, holding it "up". Photo Mike Zombie

Unfortunately charger Casey King took himself out early after a nothing attempt off the step-down went badly wrong and he fell 12+ feet to the dirt below with his bike trailing behind, no major injuries though!

When Chris is herding cattle, he's darming dirt. Photo. Mike Zombie

All in all a super good afternoon was had and as the wind got up and crews started to head home, one thing was firmly on their mind—summer is coming and the day was merely a taste of things to come!

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