I’d already planned on visiting Avanti this week, but when MTB product manager Brent Burrows dropped this pretty interesting looking teaser on his Instagram feed on Sunday, well it made my trip yesterday all the more exciting. Spoke Facebook engineers have already had a guess at some of the numbers on this bike, but I need to stress that this is a mule, one of a few, and that sticker on the down tube represents the bike’s current form and by no means its finished setup. Avanti work on these bikes from the ground up, tweak seatstay lengths, head angles and shock leverage ratios until they find what they think is the perfect balance. Before production all frames are tested thoroughly as well. It seems Brent has been riding this angle set equipped rig (no it’s not 68 degrees) for a few months and will try a couple more configurations before it heads to final production. But after talking to him and being sworn to secrecy I can tell you that this is one exciting rig and will blow a few minds when it finally surfaces.


Unfortunately Brent wouldn’t let me shoot any of the major tweaks, or even more close ups, but we’ll be bringing you exclusive info as soon as possible and it should tickle your fancy. It did mine!

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    1. Lots of bike manufactures share rear suspension designs. Intense in the ’90s bought the rights to use Specialized’s Horst link. Iron Horse Sunday and Pivot Phoenix both utilized the DW link. Not copying, collaboration. Buying an Avanti that uses the same suspension design as a Trek for a fraction of the cost makes buying a new bike possible for those that would otherwise not be able to.

      1. I agree with Kevin, NOT like a trek ( split pivot ) still an FSR style linkage. Looks like a Norco Sight / Range in this colour which is not a bad thing. My personal wish list would be 150mm rear & 160mm front with 425 – 430mm chainstays and with Bo Bo the clown decals in matte black thanks Avanti 🙂

  1. I know this is just a mule (and could have internal routing), but please. No cables under the down tube. They just get covered in mud and are a shite to clean – not to mention racks…

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