The RING OF FIRE project sheds light onto Japan’s unique landscape with the international mountain biker, Steve Smith riding down on the untouched lava dirt of Miyake Island. This was the very first time any public camera has set foot on the volcano after its eruption in 2000.

Japan sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire accounting for 10% of all active volcanoes around the world. Holding the record for the highest number of historically documented eruptions, Japan surely is the Land of Volcanoes where Japanese people have revered, cherished, and lived side-by-side with the volcanoes throughout its history.

Japan was one of the places I’d never been. I was told that I was gonna ride down a volcano, but I had no idea what to expect. Shoring up to Miyake Island and seeing the volcano was just mind-blowing. There’s no way anything can be compared to this. This is easily the most unique place that I’ve ridden. It’s definitely gonna be the one of the most memorable things I’ve done” – Stevie reflects on his adventure on Miyake Island

Created by internationally renowned, downhill mountain biking filmmaker, Clay Porter, the riding clip on Miyake Island unifies the vast beauty and mystique of Miyake Island volcano and the dynamic but meticulous riding of Stevie. The story clip will further dive into Stevie’s adventure in Japan where he meets the far-east on his wheels.

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