Recently streetwear and bikes (especially fixed gears and BMX) have been going hand in hand with collabs popping up everywhere. But often there’s no real connection between the two other than logos sharing the same piece of clothing, bike part or shoe. Well, Tim White and myself set about to create a collaborative clothing project with a solid connection that we’re launching this Saturday at T.Whites Bikes Block Party!

Details, flyer and more pics after the jump.

Two years, not a long time for many, but a milestone for some.
Tim White launched his now world recognised shop ‘T.Whites Bikes’ two years ago. This second birthday is a massive tip of the hat to Tim’s drive, motivation and passion for bikes but also his customers that have supported him since day one.

To mark the milestone Tim teamed up with Lester from QuietChaos Clothing, an New Zealand label with its roots firmly planted in all things two wheeled to collaborate on this special second birthday pack. The pack will be available only at T.Whites bikes and will launch on the 13/11/10 at the shop. (See flyer below.)

With both Tim and Lester involved with BMX and bikes in general from their early years, and the fact both have chosen their path in life for the passion and love of it, it made sense for them to team up and work together on this release.

This special release is made up of three tees just in time for summer as well as a five-panel cap. Each tee highlights a different part of Tim and Lester’s involvement with bikes.

Check out the T.Whites website and QuietChaos Clothing to see what’s good!

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