First they got a Facebook page, now they are publishing their catalogue online via ISSUU, all Ground Effect need to really be a part of the web in 2010 is a Twitter account! Ground Effect’s Summer 2011 range has some solid gems and a bunch of new and revised stuff that’s well worth checking out. The old Ankle Biters and Toe Rags were awesome merino socks and I wouldn’t have thought they could be improved upon, but the new versions of both feature a new X Rated elastic arch which keeps your foot totally snug. The Juggernauts have been given another makeover and now feature open front pockets and come in a subtle new understated colour, Bitter Brown. And then there is my favourite, the new Zip Tie (but only in the blue). Since it turned up two weeks ago I’ve been wearing it on every ride, it’s a cool top that mixes road functionality with off-road styling. It’s got three back pockets for stashing stuff and a full length zip for summer (when it arrives). There’s plenty more updates but those are my picks and they have already had some serious time on Wellington singletrack.

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