Issue 47 of Spoke will see a bit of a first for us. We’re going to do our first ever head to head review, and in a Spoke twist it’s going to be a Santa Cruz Tallboy up against a Santa Cruz Tallboy. One however will be made of carbon, the other, well it won’t…

The alloy Tallboy arrived a few days ago and is in the process of being built up. I snapped a few shots, and you may notice right off the bat they have a few differences; the carbon Tallboy won’t (easily) accept full length cable housing for either the rear mech or the height adjustable seatpost, whereas the alloy Tallboy will. Also this generation of alloy Tallboy features the newer graphic treatment (but still rocks a headbadge) as well as a Kashima coated RP23.

Issue 47 will reveal any more differences (if there are any other than the above and of course the price).

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