After a winter of racing cyclocross in New Zealand, I have made it to the Continent for a detailed education of the finer points of this denomination of the cycling world, which will be taught to me by the absolute best. In the world.
New Zealand was fortunate to have its first UCI-endorsed National Cyclocross Championships this year, which brought out the small yet ever-increasing and dedicated bunch of aficionados from around the country. I had already planned to come over to Belgium at this point, so the growth of the sport in New Zealand has just made it seem like an even better idea. As the sun sets on the racing calendar in the southern hemisphere, it is only just starting to rise up here in the north.

The racing is so dense here, ‘cross is a part of everyday life for the Flemish. Every club hosts a race during the season, from the hot and dusty of September to the snowy and icy of February. I’ll be racing every weekend between now and the end of the season, apart from a few weeks off here and there. Many of the weekends I’ll be racing both days, and I’ll have races nearly every other day at the peak of Christmas/New Year. Stay tuned for race reports and a diary of sorts, it’s all go from now as September was both an end at one end of the world and a beginning at the other.


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