This is E. This is your brain on E. Any questions?

Those of us that grew up in North America during the 80’s or earlier no doubt experienced the War on Drugs. The commercial campaigns were creative and entertaining in a dark way and left a lasting impression on an entire generation. With the impending deluge of electric bikes that is sure to take the bike industry by storm, we wanted to poke a little fun at the perceived polarising device that is the electric mountain bike. Your Brain on E is our take on the instant happy feelings you get when you pedal an electric bike for the first time. It’s undeniably fun!


Featuring our brand new Remote CTRL mountain bike, we figured it would be fun to see how Graham Agassiz felt on the bike. The results? Well, let’s just say they’re mind blowing. This is Your Brain on E.

The Remote CTRL

You believe in pushing limits. Your adventures are big. You explore deeper and climb higher. The


Remote CTRL is the perfect bike to take you further than ever before. With the assistance of Bosch’s powerful Performance Line CX motor and more travel (150mm front, 132mm rear), you can overcome bigger obstacles up and down the mountains. The Remote CTRL has Kona DNA throughout its geometry and with the added power of Bosch, rides in a league of its own.

Looking to jump into the world of electric bikes? Visit your local dealer today or check for purchasing options in your area.

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