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The ever talented Dan Barham and his fellow expat sidekick Seb Kemp just slipped this awesome clip out with little fanfare. It’s worth a watch, if you can rise above its advertorial tones, that is. Nice to see that Icebreaker actually talk to mountain bikers now. Maybe that will mean the next line of MTB clothing might actually be just that.

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    1. Squamish (‘Wonderland’) for the first riding section, then Seymour on Vancouver’s North Shore (‘Ned’s’ or ‘Ned’s Atomic Dustbin’).

      1. Neds Atomic Dustbin! F*ck me I haven’t heard that name in a few haircuts. Next it’ll be The Archers of Loaf. Oh, sorry Caleb. Been there already huh?

  1. Nice footage of classic BC riding. Pity though that Icebreaker markets itself as a Kiwi product still. It hasn’t been made here for years and with Ozy wool mixed in, far from home grown anymore. It’s not to flash with rosehips and matagori.

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