So I received a copy of Clay Porter’s new film The Tipping Point in the mail yesterday and watched it last night in 32″ of LCD beauty. And I have to say it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a doco but this time without the running commentary Clay’s used on his last couple of outings; well planned and edited interviews provide the film’s narrative. Unlike Between the Tape, The Tipping Point does require a bit of knowledge of the World Cup downhill scene; interviewees and riders aren’t consistently credited, but by watching the whole film and paying attention you’ll figure out who most people are.

The film has a clear storyline which opens with Sam Hill concerned that he has a target painted on his back, and he’s right on the mark. Minnaar, Peaty, Atherton, Leov and pretty much anyone else interviewed in the film make it clear that the sole aim for the season is to stop Hill from winning the ’08 overall. The riding footage is top notch.  Clay has effortlessly captured the speed and technicality of both the riders and the track they are riding.

Clay seems to be everywhere. The behind-the-scenes footage with the Athertons and the Yeti Team, as well as the candid interviews with the riders, really gives an insight to us mortals as to what happens on the World Cup circuit.

The individual sections as usual are amazing. Matti Lehikoinen and Aaron Gwin’s parts really shine, but Justin Leov and Sam Blenkinsop still get solid parts that show some fresh New Zealand trails and definitely get a bunch of Clay-love. As an added bonus Greg Leov AKA Gregnum/Magnum gets some solid camera time.


I’ve said it a thousand times before, if you’re into racing then anything from Clay is a must-own, but more than ever I’d say that if you have any interest in mountain biking, be it XC, All Mountain or DH, then I’d highly recommend watching this film…

Pre-Order The Tipping Point here. It should be shipping early next week.

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