Winter’s coming but the good news is that so is the Triple Crown (Sunday 8th May) – New Zealand’s premier all-mountain bike race (according to last year’s 23rd place getter Stuart Warnes). The aim of Triple Crown is to pit Downhillers against Cross Countriers against All Mountaineers on everyday mountain bike tracks. The tracks are mainly down, but there is some pedalling. In 2010 it was won by an ex downhiller and the top 5 was rounded out by two more downhillers, an all-mountain rider and a mad singlespeeder. The absence of cross countriers from the top 5 was because there were no guns entered, not because the course suited the downhillers. I reckon this year could be the year of the cross countriers! Take it as serious or as relaxed as you like. If you’re near the front of the field it will take you 25mins and there are cash prizes, if you’re not, it will take you longer and there are spot prizes plus the hot chip sammies for all at the end of the race.

Same tracks as last year (with a slight change due to harvesting operations); Course 1 – Billy T, G Rock and Roller Coaster. Course 2 – Hot X Buns, then a bit of Dragons tail. Course 3 – Eastern Spice then Exit track. Winner is the rider with the least elapsed time. Southstar Shuttles provides the uplift for the first 2 courses then you will need to make your way to the top of the third course (it’s not as bad as it sounds).

You need to be a member of Rotorua Club to enter, but it’s cheap and easy to join and you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your entry fee is helping the club build and maintain all those wicked tracks in the Redwoods.

Online entry up soon, but make sure you put 8th May in your diaries. Entry fee will be 25 bucks. All money goes back into the race.

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