Now there is nothing I loathe more than sending you people to the elephant in the room that is the website, but there’s a story up there right now which is actually an interesting read. It’s pretty much a fluff piece for the UCI (given that are well and truly in bed with the UCI) but at the same time some interesting facts come to the surface, for example, did you know that the UCI provide and pay for all the filming and for the live stream? They state that provide ONE additional camera. Supposedly there are four tenders in for 2012 onwards already. Anyway head over here and have a read of the full article.

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  1. I am pretty sure they are not using a human for translation of their article although I loved the use (and invention) of the word “punnacle”. I did find it very hard concentrate on the article though with all the ads flashing like it was geocities circa 1997. That said, the Wide Open / Gravity ad to the right of this article is doing my head in just as much. What is it, retro web month or something?

  2. I like the article, it’s flowy and easy to read. Tho I hope Freecaster will continue with the live streaming, I think they’re quite good (regardless the “no signal” sign before each race). Hopefully that will be improved in future.

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