We invited Spoke Magazine and John Colthorpe to come and join the trail crew for a days riding before the 2017 DME. It was an awesome day, with many old stories shared, trails shred and the old spirit and banter re kindled.

The Wairoa Gorge MTB Park trails were built between June 2010 and June 2013 by four trail crews with assistance from a building crew and maintenance crew. There were up to fifty staff at any one time on site and well over 100 staff worked the site before passing through to other sites overseas. The trails were built in the sunshine, rain and snow. Through rock, stream beds, gullys, steep exposed faces and amazing beech forests.

It was an awesome project to be part of, while it wasn’t always smooth sailing, there were injuries, layoffs, people wondering how the hell there were going to build the next section of trail.. the crew all remain mates for life and stand proud of what they have learnt and acheived under the guidance of Jeff Carter and the late James ‘Dodzy’ Dodds.

We’d like to thank RHL NZ for giving us the opportunity to work in this amazing environment and we are stoked and proud to see our work now open to the public to enjoy.

RIP Dodzy, Paddy, Dylan.

Wairoa for life.

Nick Crocker – Site Manager 2011-2016

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