This is the first episode in an online documentary BMX shredder and all-round good guy Haimona Ngata has produced called This is my Life. The first episode is on Tim White. Tim and Haimona have been friends for years and grew up riding BMX together. Two years ago Tim decided to start his own bike shop on Symonds St in Auckland and never looked back. It’s a testament to Tim’s hard work and different approach to a local bike shop that Metro magazine awarded his shop ‘Best Bike Shop in Auckland 2009’.

This is my Life takes an up close and personal look at some local businesses who are doing big things in their respective industries. Through hard work, dedication and sacrifice, these people are doing what they love to do for a living. Sit down, get comfy, crack a beer and see what makes them so successful at what they do.

Episode 2 features Culet Jewellery founders Dane Rumble and Scotty Nicols. It will be online to view 1st of October.

Episode 3 features Auckland Artist/Tattooist Dean Sacred, and his world class tattoo store, Sacred Tattoo, located on K’ Rd in Auckland. This will be online 15th of October.

This is my Life is produced exclusively with Canon equipment.

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