Tifosi Torrent Prescription Sunglasses review from Spoke 32

For those of you who are optically challenged, you will know the hassles that can come with wearing spectacles, sunglasses or even contact lenses. You’ll also know how the associated problems can ruin any ride.

Beyond mortgaging my house to pay for laser eye surgery, and not being a contact lens wearer, the best option for me was to get prescription lenses in a cycling-specific frame. In the past I’ve used, and still do, a system of clip-in prescription frames that sit behind the frame of the glasses. While this allows different lens tints to be used with the one pair of glasses, it also means there are four lenses to fog up, get sweaty or covered in mud. Not exactly ideal, but some anti-fog wipes can help.

Tifosi is a brand that offers a vast range of ‘rx-able’ frames and a huge range of tint options. The Torrent is a mid-sized frame that looks good on or off the bike, and doesn’t scream ‘Euro’ too loudly despite the obvious Italian connection. From the time of picking out the frames, choosing a lens tint and giving the details of my prescription, the glasses came back in around three weeks. I was ready to give them a good workout.

Having just one set of polycarbonate lenses was the first real benefit, and the ‘AC Red’ solid tint was spot on for the varying light conditions found on most rides. The frames are solid and took a few good drops onto the ground, and don’t seem like they’d be easily broken, which makes Tifosi a real alternative to other name brands which can cost twice as much or more.  I was more than happy with these glasses, and am looking forward to wearing them  for most of my mountain and road rides for a long time to come.  They are that good.  Off the bike, the blue mirror coat on the outside aided a stealthy, aviator look, perfect for checking out the talent on the trails.

Tifosi is Italian for ‘fan’, and they will be gaining quite a few with product as good as this.  Even if you have perfect vision and don’t require prescription lenses, these glasses rock.

Brett Kennedy


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