With the world of biking melting down over the UCI’s latest bumbles, the focus on rainbow stripes this weekend and a Euro bonanza of product throwaways it is probably a pretty bad time to try and release or launch anything else bike related. However, POC just dropped their epic mini movie of POC athletes Danny Macaskill, Martin Soderstrom and Daniel Dhers and I’m sure once it catches on it will be hot news elsewhere. The movie was shot earlier this summer in Sweden by Niels Windfelt (remember that name? You might and now you really should remember it because he has left the freeride world and moulded himself into an amazing talent behind the camera) and does a really good job of blending all three athletes very distinct riding styles together on some very interesting terrain.

I don’t need to tell you much about the video except that this one is well worth setting aside the time to really appreciate it. Phantom camera at 7.30 minutes is insane.



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