untitled-9120Well if you’ve been paying attention to our Instagram and Facebook you may have noticed that Spoke filmer Ross Mackay and I are back in South Australia again to sample the amazing riding on offer, as well as my favourite event of the year, the Melrose Fat Tyre Festival. This time though we’ve brought along Queenstown huck wizards Kelly McGarry and Tom Hey, aka Huck Giraffe and Huck Ewok.
untitled-8982With weather pretty similar to home, we’ve been thwarted at a couple of turns so far by damp conditions but after arriving on Sunday we’ve already had some pretty insane experiences and got in some solid riding. untitled-9111After Adelaide’s City Jumps failed to fire due to sticky red mud, we hit up the big DH roadside jumps up at Eagle Park, situated just minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. Rain and a bit of a crowd didn’t deter Kelly and Tom who threw down regardless. We then made a beeline back to the airport and sprinted through security to catch our flight to Port Lincoln for our shark diving rendezvous with Adventure Bay Charters. untitled-9213

untitled-9358The three hour trip out to the North Neptune Islands took its toll on the less hardy of us, but passing up a chance to dive with Great Whites wasn’t going to be missed, and for Kelly, the only way it was going to happen was if time was maximised by combining the spewing (or chumming) with the diving. The trip didn’t disappoint, with five huge Great Whites coming over to check out AC-DC’s greatest hits.


adelaide-2014-7740Chumming the ocean.

adelaide-2014-7745After getting our feet back on terra firma in Adelaide, we headed out to Fox Creek Mountain Bike Park to show Kelly and Tom some of the trails we checked out last year. As the sun came out the trails started to dry and Kelly and Tom started to throw down some hot Heavy-XC (the new Enduro) moves and Rossco and I started to log some footage. Fox Creek solidified itself again as a pretty damn cool place to ride and our post-ride angry roo encounter just topped off the whole experience!untitled-8931

adelaide-2014-9476Heading back to town, the sun began to fire and we made a quick trip back in to Eagle Park to catch the setting sun on the upper section of the DH track. Dropbear spotting came thick and fast as did the setting sun and the end to day three of Kelly and Tom’s excellent South Australian adventure.adelaide-2014-9630Dropbear spotting no. 16


Kelly mid-roo chase.adelaide-2014-9595

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