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If you like good speed, jumps and flowy corners then the ‘Corners’ trail, Whakarewarewa forest, Rotorua NZ is a must-ride before you kick the bucket!

Starting at the gate atop Tawa road (where the SouthStar Shuttle drops off)  the trail takes in the first section of “Little Red Riding Huck” before branching right into the main trail. You can cut out this first section by heading up Hill Rd direct to the start of Corners.

The trail name basically explains what the track is all bout, Corners. Lots of them, many are bermed, all have good flow and you can help but grin from ear to ear!

There’s not a lot else to say about the trail, its a grade 3 but easily passable by entry level riders providing they know which brake is which, although they might be best to hit the trail via Hill Rd, missing the Jump track section, although this is all rollable.

One of the things I love about this trails is how every level of rider loves it, a decent rider can attack it and rip through the corners, sprinting the straights and seeing just how fast you can really get through those berms, while a lesser skilled rider can just tootle their way down no sweat.

One thing to watch is where Corners and Jump / Little Red Riding Huck cross paths so keep your eyes and ears open for riders pinning it down Jump track.

From Hill Rd down is 4km and nearing the bottom the trail gets a bit more pedally but nothing major and it’s still rolling predominantly downhill.

The vid above takes in a few of the sections of Corners but leaves out the very bottom part of trail.

Thanks to GoPro cameras, Haro Bikes and SpokeMagazine.

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