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Okay so I kinda screwed up my little race report yesterday due to me inserting a file in the wrong place and doing the update from bed while my two-year-old jumped on me. So for today this post is coming from our Petone office…

Nicolas Lau and Jerome Clementz have switched it up again with Jerome winning only one stage yesterday, Nico took a stage win and closed his gap on third overall a little. So it’s still anyone’s race with two days of hardcore Euro enduro racing left! Onst Onst!

Baller brought his A game yet again and bested Sven and Seb on every stage even landing an impressive 9th on Stage 16. With around two minutes separating each of them it’s gonna take some epic riding or a big crash to upset things from here. (We’re just ignoring that Tobias chap, cos’ really, do we care about him.) Do check out Seb’s blog over on It’s a pretty sweet blog that’s entertaining and enlightening and it’s the best text around on the Trans Provence.

On the women’s front again unless there’s a crash it doesn’t look like the Anne Caro, Rosara, Anka spread is going to change. Despite Anka besting Rosara on three out of four stages yesterday the time that Rosara puts into Anka on pedal-heavy stages is pretty hard to claw back, giving Rosara a comfortable buffer over Anka of 4:35  going into day 6. Anne-Caro’s lead over Rosara is pretty fricken massive and is currently at 6:35; no doubt that will grow a little over the next two days.

Day 5 Results

Overall standings after Day 5

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