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Unless you’ve been sleeping you should be aware that the most important enduro/all-mountain race of the season, the Trans Provence, has just kicked off. It’s a who’s who of the enduro scene; obviously last year’s winner Jerome Clementz is back to defend his title as are other big name European riders like Anne-Caro, Nicolas Lau, Remy Absalon and Nico Vouilloz. There are also a few more US riders than usual with Adam Craig and Geoff Kabush joining Trans Provence regulars Mark Weir and Ben Cruz, and then there is the Kiwi contingent of the House Martins, Rosara Joseph and Hannah Thorne. And the one and only Seb Kemp is in attendance and is blogging up a storm on right now.

We’re a little behind in our coverage (was waiting for the video to drop) so below you’ll find the results for day one and day two’s special stages and the overall results after day two. Oh and this is real enduro, everyone rides blind! There is absolutely no pre-riding of courses. UCI and BIKENZ take note!

Day 1 Results:

Day 2 results:

Overall after Day 2


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