First Intense now Trek. Yup that is indeed a 29″ wheeled pushbike from Trek (photo stolen from Now as a recent 29″ convert I can tell you that, no I’m not questioning my sexuality, but I am having a pretty fun time on my bike. I’m not complaining about the 32mm stanchions on my Marzocchi 44’s (cause they are great forks) but really the only thing holding the bike back is the fact that there isn’t a 36mm Fox or Marzocchi fork to match with the super stiff 140mm rear travel of the WFO9. According to Trek also have another 29″ bike up their sleeves and this thing could be a game changer. It’s a 29″ Roscoe, you may remember that the Roscoe was Fisher’s version of the Remedy, basically a bulletproof all-mountain rig. I’d say that given the fact that Santa Cruz just may be introducing a longer travel 29″ bike (pure speculation on my behalf) and that Niner have already lead the way with the WFO9, that these Trek bikes just might see the light of day sooner rather than later and that all this long travel 29er action may force the hand of the large fork companies. Fingers crossed anyway.

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