Everyone is having press camps right now, everyone. Today though it’s Trek and they are in France right now riding the same tracks I’ll be on next week. Anyway, today they just rolled out the new 2011 Scratch Air. It looks a little more trail orientated than its freeride siblings with two rings and a Joplin 4 out back. Like a few other bikes out at the moment it has a flippable chip or “Mino” to alter angles. Trek also released an updated Remedy 9.9. that’s—you guessed it—lighter, faster, and stiffer than the 2010 bike. As well as a new Fuel EX. There’s more info and photos after the jump.Right Scratch first.

And the New Remedy 9.9

And because it’s late one photo of the Fuel EX…

Make it two… this one will help a bunch of people out there with RP23 (and there’s a lot of you!)

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