Darcy Turrenne has long been one of mountain biking’s top female ambassadors but now she is spreading her wings and moving into film making. Already she has shot a documentary on Indonesian and Balinese sporting females, a music video, as well as numerous shorts. Check out her Vimeo page. Recently she went to Rwanda for a big filming project and along the way compiled a quick (one minute) montage of images that revolve around bicycles and their importance to the people there. It is interesting to see it projected that whereas our bicycles are just for fun, recreation and health, their bicycles are for transportation, work and, in some cases perhaps, survival, but still they have fun and bicycles can bring a smile to people’s face. This video shows a little bit of that through beautiful shots in magic light.

“During a recent trip to Rwanda, there were many things that left me awestruck. One of the main sources of my enchantment were the bikes. From what I witnessed, bikes are a major source of transport for essential items like water, harvests, and people; like at home, they are often regarded as prided possessions. Unlike at home, the bikes are made of steel and retrofitted with rebar accessories!
I cut this short from some leftover footage I took while on assignment for another project. Enjoy!”

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