A little birdy let me know a while back that these carbon rear ends were being tested. It seems that the cat is now out of the bag; Santa Cruz’s V10 will now be an all plastic affair, kinda like KZ7 (free Spoke tee shirt to the first post that can tell me KZ7’s nickname). There’s not much more to say really. Actually there is; the word direct from Santa Cruz is that this is pure prototype stuff “there’s no way in hell any mortal people will be getting their hands on these any time soon.”

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  1. I think it was called Kiwi Magic, maybe the Americans had another nickname. The David vs Goliath story of KZ7 / Chris Dickson taking on the USA/ Dennis conner is pretty cool, I remember watching the races as a kid and getting all excited about composites. Would be interesting to find out what happened to Graeme Sisson’s composite bikes that he was developing near Nelson not long after.

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