Well after today’s excursion to Chris Beverland’s recently revamped jumps (See Red Bull Back Yard Digger post here) I can’t say much, although we did turn out of the town after about only 50m of it… but it was an all right 50m. After the extended crew arrived—Kelly, Chris, Brook “Bulldog” MacDonald, George Brannigan and Lewis Jones—everyone started pretty promptly. Once again Chris’s epic location did not disappoint and we were lucky enough to be graced with amazing weather all day and a next level sunset. I won’t bore you with a blow by blow, but it’s worth noting that the boys “got er’ done” and here’s a little gallery courtesy of Cam Ferguson. On Your Bike kicks off tomorrow so you can expect an update from both the pump track and the show sometime in the next 24 hours. We’ll also be dropping a bit of Twitter love…

Kelly tables a flip

Lewis gets his shoulder buzz on...

Chris skips a whole corner

Kelly gets lazy with a table and only use one hand

Chris drops a text boox tuck no hander


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