The 2013 Wide Open Product Launch has wrapped up for another year but over the four days the dealers and team riders had a blast, checking out 2013 products, drinking beer, eating possibly the best lamb shanks ever and riding ENVE wheels on Billy T and the Jump Track!

The show took place on the Thursday and dealers got acquainted with what was new for Wide Open in 2013.

Nothing gets shop orders flowing like free beer.

“Hey Mike how about riding a Turner?”

Original Gangsters: Peter Burke and T White

Original Gangsters Part 2: Matt Scoles and Hayden from Auckland’s Woodhill Bike Park

Peter Burke getting familiar with Jono’s new wheels

After product comes more beer. After the launch the dealers headed to micro brewery hot spot the Brew Bar, where a Ltd Edition Scolesy drop was on offer.

And as previously mentioned the BEST lamb shanks I’ve ever had…

Mariska fills in a Mud Cycles, Cycle Science sandwich…

Someone let the roadies in!

At some point on Thursday Wide Open’s newest team rider Kane O’Hagan and I popped out photo shoot between rain showers. Kane is a machine and in super high winds and less than ideal conditions he performed on cue with both skill and steez. Here he is with a classic toboggan.

After a hard night on the town Pete Burke somehow found the Demo in the forest and was first in line to have his bike pimped with Enve demo wheels as well as securing the  back seat of the bus!

The Product Launch was the official release for the Wide Open ENVE demo programme. The programme will be affiliated with ENVE dealers throughout the country and give people a chance to ride ENVE wheels, both MTB and road. Wide Open will also have a few Turners on board so people will get a chance to test the full offering of Wide Open’s quality products.

“I’ll think I’ll take that one thanks.” The Wide Open demo fleet ready to be broken in.

Before the shuttle kicked off at 11am dealers could take out Enve wheels and Turners for a quick lap of the test loop.

It was also a chance to rub shoulders with Wide Open rider Matt Scoles…

… and some got closer than others, like Jason Ganley here (although there was considerably less angry face than Scolsey).

Wide Open had all their staff on board offering a very quick transfer of dealers’ wheels with a set of Enve hoops and Chris King Hubs.

Once the South Star Shuttle kicked off dealers padded up and got their huck on…

… and none more than Mitchell Cycles’ Matt King.

Scolsey was also picking up his new 2013 Turner DHR race bike as well as Wide Open’s latest kit. We rally-crossed the Wide Open Toyota up to Corridor and knocked out a bunch of photos (you’ll have to wait a bit for the others). But Matt was at home instantly on his new whip.

Scolesy’s DHR. We’ll bring you a full bike check tomorrow…

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