It’s been a while since the whole Wide Open team has been together, but this morning they all rendezvoused in Alexandra for a quick road trip through Central Otago. Conor Macfarlane, Matt Scoles, Brett Frew and Kelly McGarry were joined by Canadian big mountain rider Mike Hopkins and Wide Open owner Matt Whitaker as well as rep Kris Withington.

After the obligatory real fruit ice cream, bikes were loaded into Scolsey’s ute and the riders headed up for a few runs down Alex’s infamous Linger and Die. No one lingered and no one died but Scolesy showed all the visitors some hot lines.

For those unfamiliar with the terrain in Alexandra, the best way to describe it would be unforgiving. Crash and it’s game over.

After shooting on Linger and Die we went down to the edge of the Manuherikia River to check out the giant 50ft sender that Scolsey had given a little tidy up the day before. While the boys got to grips with the speed needed for the huge double, Brett Frew begun cleaning up the landing of the adjacent hip…

In fact Scolesy had been quite busy before our arrival. Busy enough to bust out the scrub cutter and shovel and resurrect the local dirt jumps. Conor, Brett and Kelly then proceeded to shut down the jumps, Conor topped off the session with a couple of super clean Truck Drivers (a 360 with a bar spin thrown in) and a bunch of huge tailwhips.

Tomorrow we hit Naseby and if all goes to plan spend the whole day having a curling battle at the indoor ice rink.


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