The WideOpen product launch was held in rainy Rotorua today, and Spoke Magazine grabbed the best seats.

FSA have released a new Compact MTB Crank – 386. Dual ring. 3 bolt standard (new) – 27-42 gearing. In carbon and aluminium


FSA also have a limited run of white road bars. This is the kwing compact…


Matt Whitaker demonstrates the WideOpen stance. The Gravity 777 bar – flat bar for DH and agressive trail riding. 777mm wide and perfect for smashing your knuckles on trees


Marzocchi have made huge changes across the product line for 2010. Gone are the Air travel adjustment, and in are new titanium springs, much lighter weight, and more subtle graphics. Shown below is the 888 RC3 EVO Ti. The EVO bit is all about adjustments – you can pull out the compression shim stack and mess everything up all by yourself.


A bunch of new stuff and incremental updates from Atomlab. The General Issue (GI) rims are gone, to be replaced with a rim provisionally called the P.Lite. A new PimpSuperlite has been released. It’s a narrower profile, and lighter weight. All Atomlab rims now ship with Tork nipples and a nice nipple key.


Wideopen have also changed their approach to Atomlab wheelsets. They’ll still be bringing in the G.I. wheelsets, but will offer a custom wheel-build service where you can select your own rim, spoke and nipple colour, and your choice of hub. All this will be at the same cost as an “out of the box” wheelset. Nice.


Atomlab also have new plastic pedals. Light and cheap. And in Green, White, Red and Smoke, so you can decorate your christmas tree with them


Gravity have a light chainguide. It’s got a plastic construction, with the idea being that it will deflect slightly when taking a hit rather than bending or breaking your ISCG tabs. Available in ISCG, ISCG’05 and BB Mount.


And finally, for those with a weight-loss addiction, the new Tioga Twin-Tail Spyder saddle. Guaranteed to get more air in your, er, hair.


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