So I’ve just got back from a trip to Central Otago for the first Yeti Tribe gathering (although I was on my Tallboy). Most of the time was spent in Wanaka but yesterday I did have my inaugural Skyline experience which was pretty fun. It was an action packed weekend involving Heli drops, Sticky Forests and a ten hour teams race at the Deans Bank trail near Dublin Bay (where Annabel Langbein lives, for all your cooks). A Wellington based Yeti even smashed out a sub 30 minute lap in full Yeti sweat suit!

Kashi Leuchs from Yeti NZ had a full fleet of demo bikes on hand including the yet to be released 5″ SB95. It was a medium so I didn’t get a chance to ride it, but from all accounts it’s pretty fricken amazing. There were also a few SB66s around and even an old DH8 pull shock.

We’ll be dropping a full story on the event in the February issue so keep your eyes peeled, and the Yeti Tribe Facebook page has plenty more pics.

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