Now in it’s third year, the Yeti Trans NZ is nearly upon us and for those of you who have missed the epic photo reels from the previous years, we thought we’d bring you a quick taster of what is in store for the riders taking part!

The Yeti Trans NZ is a five day enduro beginning on the 26th February and running through until the 2nd March. The race begins its stages in Cragieburn with two epic days of traversing sheer edges and descending beautiful beech forest! It will be a mix of pedalling and shuttles and probably the best way to experience the trail gold Craigieburn holds. Race organiser Megan decided one day just wasn’t enough in this amazing part of the country so topped it up to two “I just can’t cover all the trails I want to in one day” she says.

The latter part of day two sees the whole event village up sticks and journey to Queenstown and a vibrant base in a hostel for the rest of the week. The Yeti Trans New Zealand is a fully supported race, meaning Megan and the 40 strong volunteer team look after each racer from the moment they step foot in New Zealand until the moment they leave. Airport transfers, accommodation, meals and bike maintenance are all included so all the riders have to think about is the day ahead. 

Day three will see riders roll out of the door and straight into the trails high above the town. This day will, no doubt, hold some classic Queenstown views and fast descents. 

A short van ride on day four will lead to a day out in Alexandra, the land of rock rollers and painted lines. Stray from the main line and you might find yourself in for an unexpected drop, stay on the dotted line and every feature is magically ‘rollable’!

The final day takes racers back to Queenstown and the bike park. Make no mistake though, this won’t just be bermed laps and jumps all day, Megan has lived in Queenstown for the past few summers and know this place like the back of her hand. 

Megan is pretty experienced in the event management game, she studied the subject at university and has previous experience running a 25 day road bike event that covered 7,000kms. She also ran, until recently, the popular BC Enduro Series in Canada and also organises the Trans BC. Megan is pretty much a one woman band where the planning, marketing and logistics are concerned, she states she is sleeping, eating and breathing van shuttles and race statistics at the moment! Taking this (not to mention the second ‘Trans’ race she runs) event from the initial idea through to the end result it is no mean feat.

We have a racer with tyres on the track for the whole event so look out for the daily posts and some photo eye candy!

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