A few issues ago in Spoke Magazine we took a look at ‘Zerode’, the company headed by two very talented rider / engineer type chaps, Rob Metz and James Dodds. They’ve been developing Zerode’s first production offering for the last few years and with a couple of false starts due to their tight production standards not being met, there’s finally home on the horizon.
Rob flicked us the following message yesterday…..

“It’s been a long time since my last update…. after a false start or two I didn’t want to build the hype and not be able to deliver the goods…..
Working with a proven manufacturer we have been making good progress and are on track to have frames early next year. A pilot run of 10 frames is underway at the moment and a few lucky people they will be riding a new Zerode in 2010. The rear ends are complete and a few sneaky pics of the completed front triangles have been arriving in my inbox……”

Watch this space, we’re all over this developing story…..

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