Just got an update from Rob Metz about Zerode production and things are looking pretty damn exciting. This is what he had to say.
Well, just got back from abroad where we managed to build the first of the sample frames using the production tooling. As expected we have teething issues to work through but the finished sample is a very big step towards production. From here we will tweak a few of the press tools and jigs, invest a little more in machinery and fine tune the production processes. Once these mods have been made a final sample will be built, painted and stickered up before we get stuck into production…..

We built up the first of the samples at the factory. Dodzy was all smiles as she tipped the scales at 39 pounds without going to town on the build. This should be a little easier to get down the hill than the 45 odd pound steelie that Dodzy rode all season.

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