There’s a brand new big bike jump line coming to life in the Rai Valley near Nelson, New Zealand. It will be one of the biggest jump lines in New Zealand and will sit strong among the biggest in the world.

The jump line currently consists of jumps ranging from 30-60ft, with the aim of getting an 80ft double rolling towards the end of the year, as far as we know the 80ft double will be the biggest big bike jump in the country and will be right up there on the world stage. The late great Kelly McGarry was a big inspiration in making this jump line happen!

The crew of Reon Boe, Emmerson Wilken, Adam Lynskey, Joel Tunbridge, Myself and filmers Scott Robb and Sam Cameron, set off From Queenstown and made our way to Nelson, riding in several unique locations along the way. Zones EP2:The Road To Rai; follows our road trip as we make our way towards Nelson where Shane Mitchell and Kurt Lancaster were in full swing moving dirt.

Zones EP2 has been a long time in the making and we are extremely excited to bring this to you!!

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