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VIDEO | Commencal – T.E.M.P.O. – Hugo Frixtalon

Jump aboard the new COMMENCAL T.E.M.P.O with Hugo Frixtalon in British Columbia for this edit that oozes that late summer heat feel!
The T.E.M.P.O is our brand new short travel trail bike, a real playful powerhouse, designed to make the most of all those dream trails where the terrain is just calling out for you to enjoy.

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VIDEO | How Santa Cruz Designs Full Suspension Bikes

Kiran MacKinnon is a human dyno. When Santa Cruz Bicycles needs to test, experiment and validate suspension then Kiran is the one of the main people we call on to do that work. Not only is he an extremely talented bike rider and incredibly knowledgeable about suspension, but he can actually interpret and translate what he’s feeling in a way that he can communicate to the rest of the engineering team. This enables them to cross-reference the data they’ve collected with real life, on-trail experience to build better bikes and provide the right setup for our riders. We’re constantly refining our VPP™ suspension as well as the damping tunes shocks we spec on our bikes in order to make sure our bikes ride really, really good.

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VIDEO | Scratching the Surface – Caleb Holonko

Kona Gravity Rider and North Shore native Caleb Holonko has been turning heads with his classic mix of heavy hitting and super stylish riding. On a recent visit to the Kootenays with his Process X, he teamed up with local filmer Logan Williams and put together this solid clip that just scratches the surface of what both Caleb and the region have to offer.

“Throughout my life, I’ve spent many summers road tripping to the B.C. interior with very minimal exploration outside of Christina Lake. After seeing so many friends post and rave about the amazing trails, I decided to venture to Castlegar and Nelson for my first taste. Man, did it deliver! Endless single track, crazy woodwork, and some untouchable flow trails! It was great to put my little flair on trails that I normally would just chill through.

Thanks to all the trail builders that are killing it out there! I would love to buy you a bunch of beers, ya’ll are crushing it” – Caleb Holonko

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Press Release | RockShox Product Announcement MY23

Sram/RockShox – May 27th, 2022

Our new suspension started from a blank sheet of paper. We set everything aside and started with one question: how can we continue to elevate every ride? The result is a revolutionary system designed
to deliver unprecedented control, muscle, and performance. New chassis designed with industry-first damper technology, reinvented air springs, a host of new technologies to mute trail chatter and win the fight against friction. Suspension that has the confidence to meet the demands of riders today and empower them to take the sport somewhere new tomorrow.

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Monster Energy – 26th April
“We’re proud to present the DarkFEST 2022 Official Highlights edit. Not only did Sam Reynolds & the crew open up the biggest freeride jumps on the planet to a new generation of riders to push the boundaries in 2022, but for the first time also including a full legendary line up of women who absolutely slayed it! Sit back, ‘crack a monny’ & absorb 17 minutes of pure freeride bliss with all the bangers & slams in their entirety!” – Monster Energy.

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“Nothing beats pure speed and style on a downhill bike especially when Billy’s on his home turf. We share with you some of the best spots for riding around Canterbury, Katapere. Enjoy the New Zealand rider with a kiwi local backtrack in some of NZ’s finest locations.”

– Josh Birkenhake

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Press Release | Canyon Refocus on Speed with the new Strive CFR

Born inside the tape | Canyon Refocuses on Speed with the new Strive CFR | Since Barel first rode it to victory at EWS Finale Ligure in 2014, the Strive has staked its claim as one of the fastest Enduro bikes on the hill. With heaps of podiums and an overall Enduro World Series title to its name, it would have been simple to pick a new paint job for 2022 and carry on.

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Press Release | The New Santa Cruz Megatower

Be honest, it’s all about the descent. When World Champs like Greg Minnaar and Jackson Goldstone aren’t on their office bikes, they’re often throttling a Megatower for all it’s worth. Because 165mm of VPP® lower link travel is more than enough to feel just like the Syndicate. A ±63-degree adjustable head tube angle coupled to a 170mm fork and 29-inch wheels delivers the high-speed security of a downhill bike. Yet the 78-degree seat angle and size-specific geo maintain the Mega’s mega ability to climb, retaining its reputation as the perfect choice for knocking out big gravity rides and DH park laps.

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Mammoth Enduro Recap

On Sunday 27 March, riders from across the country descended on Nelson for the Mammoth Enduro presented by Santa Cruz. Rain earlier in the week had dried up nicely meaning the trail’s were in near perfect conditions for the racers. The females were allocated the number one race plate and local women’s pro Raewyn Morrison proved she was number one. Rae was on top form to be the fastest overall woman, winning over her closest female rival, Louise Kelly by over two and a half minutes. This was a great riding from Rae as she prepares to head overseas later this year to compete in the Enduro World Series.

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Video | Is This The Ultimate MTB Track? | Brook MacDonald’s Dream Track

Brook “The Bulldog” MacDonald is back! Back riding bikes all day every day! No race tape this time around, but that doesn’t mean the MTB heavyweight from New Zealand held back. On the contrary, Brook let his imagination loose for this one. To build his Dream Track, he joined forces with Remy Morton and the result is nothing short of MTB magic.

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Press Release | The brand-new Otocon from POC

POC are proud to release its brand-new and award-winning full-face helmet, the Otocon. Developed for the precise needs of enduro riders, the Otocon brings together new ideas and perspectives, setting a benchmark for what can be integrated and achieved in a full-face helmet. Safety, weight, ventilation, material fusion, fit and adjustment are just some of the defining features of the Otocon.

The Otocon Race Mips and Otocon are brand-new helmets focused on exceptional low weight and high ventilation levels, combined with a host of advanced protection.

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Vinny Armstrong joins ilabb International Team

Press Release | Vinny Armstrong Joins ilabb International Team

Press Release: ilabb
We’re excited to partner with this absolute shredder who will be joining our global team. Vinny has made her mark on the freeride scene winning multiple Crankworx Whip-Offs, building and riding epic lines at Red Bull Formation in Virgin, Utah for the last 2 years running – known as one of the most iconic freeride landscapes in the world and she continues to crush whatever comes her way. Vinny has a bright future ahead and we’re honoured to be on the global stage with her this season!

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Video | OneUp Components Team Trip

We wanted to make a bike movie like the ones that got us into riding. The ones we’d watch over and over again, every segment and song committed to memory. And they somehow got us stoked every time. We wanted something that felt like that.
So we got our team together, got the keys to a bike park that was closed for winter and let loose. The result is Team Trip: nine minutes of sessioning, rock smashing, banter and urban assault from Richie Rude, Thomas Vanderham, Miranda Miller, Kasper Woolley and Braedyn Kozman.
Grab your favourite beverage and crank up the volume.
We hope this gets you stoked.

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ilabb womens ride progression video

Press Release | ilabb Presents Women’s Ride Progression

Press Release: ilabb
We recently had a catch up and an epic ride day with ilabb riders Brooke Thompson, Louise Ferguson, Kate Smith, Vinny Armstrong & Kathy Morris about how mountain biking has seen positive change as of late, and is on a runway to promote more involvement in the sport.

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Press Release | Ride Concepts Welcomes Carson Storch and Bas Van Steenbergen to its Factory Team

Reno, Nev. (Mar. 02, 2022) – Freeride legends Carson Storch and Bas Van Steenbargen join the Ride Concepts Factory Team as part of a family of global athletes who lay it out on the line, day in and day out. As seen in live broadcasts, viral edits, binge-worthy videos and international elite racing, the Ride Concepts Factory team sets a benchmark for mountain biking greatness across disciplines and around the globe.

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New Release | Canyon Spectral 125


The Spectral 125 is a shredder’s short-travel whip. It’s a playful, “poppy” kind of trail bike – perfect for jibbing off every little trail feature in sight. With 125mm of rear squish mated to a decidedly aggressive and low-slung chassis, the Spectral 125 is a little short on travel and a lot rowdy. Put those together and you get … a little rowdy. See what we did there?

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Capital Enduro Postponed until February 2023

For the first time Wellington will host an Enduro World Series (EWS) mountain bike race – one of only four world series qualifier events in the country.

Capital Enduro, to be held in April 2022, recognises Wellington as a destination for top level mountain biking. It will bring male and female riders from around the country to test their ability against those based in the Wellington region. The intention is to make it an annual event.

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New Release | Bike Yolk Grippy

It’s a grip. OK, it’s a bicycle grip. We can’t and won’t say it the best bicycle grip, because bicycle grips are a particularly personal thing.
Be it damping, thickness, length, texture, shape, … There are simply too many boxes to tick to make a grip your favourite, there simply can’t be THE ONE, can there?

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Danny MacAskill rides the new Santa Cruz Heckler

New Release | Santa Cruz Heckler Goes Further

Danny doesn’t stop talking about ebikes. He’s infatuated with them. In fact, the only time he’s not chewing someone’s ear off about how “mint” they are is when he’s riding one. And when he’s riding his ebike he just rides and rides and rides. Which is why we’ve equipped the newest Heckler to venture further and faster, for longer.

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OneUp Announces New 240mm and 90mm Droppers

Everyone at OneUp wants the longest travel dropper post we can fit on our bikes. The team is obsessed with maximising drop by minimising stack height and total length.

OneUp Dropper Posts get you more drop than any other post. That’s because, across the line, OneUp droppers have the shortest stack height and shortest total length of any post with the same travel. No other dropper post can get your saddle lower.

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Danny doesn’t stop talking about ebikes. He’s infatuated with them. In fact, the only time he’s not chewing someone’s ear off about how “mint” they are is when he’s riding one. And when he’s riding his ebike he just rides and rides and rides. Which is why we’ve equipped the newest Heckler to venture further and faster, for longer.

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Forbidden Dreadnought

I feel I should start this review with a couple of small confessions. Firstly, until I sat down to write this, I didn’t know any of the Forbidden Dreadnought’s measurements or geometry numbers. Secondly, I’ve never pedaled the Dreadnought up a hill. Never. Zero climbs to date.

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Crankworx Summer Series Dual Slalom Podium

Crankworx Summer Series 2021 Comes to an End

The Crankworx Summer Series was an incredible event, and we’re sad it’s over already!

Grass roots vibes and top tier racing blended together perfectly to create an extremely fun yet competitive environment for riders and spectators, with stellar crowds amping the athletes up at all events.

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Those three words say it all. The new Lux Trail takes everything that is great about the Lux the lightweight chassis, the unreal speed and unrivalled pedalling efficiency and adds a serious dose of capability courtesy of its downhill-friendly geometry, longer travel (120 mm) fork, drop-per post, wider bars, and meatier tires.

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